Lead for America in Nebraska

Lead for Nebraska Makes an Impact

  • Develop and leverage rural broadband access and economic development and more. We want to increase access and leverage that access to see growth. However, AmeriCorps Fellows can also serve in many focus areas!
  • Build capacity in the community. All communities have those ideas and projects for which they just don’t have the people power to support. AmeriCorps Fellows can help!
  • In it for the long haul. AmeriCorps Fellows are committed to a one-year term which gives them the ability to dig in and get to work. 
  • AmeriCorps Service. Our AmeriCorps Fellowship program is proud to be an AmeriCorps Service opportunity. AmeriCorps Fellows are eligible for all the amazing benefits and opportunities that come with national service.

How the Program Works

  • Native Nebraskans are encouraged to apply for service. AmeriCorps Fellows are typically recent college graduates, from the host community region.
  • Typically two or more AmeriCorps Fellows are embedded in host communities throughout the state for a two-year period. In some instances, they may be placed alone.
  • AmeriCorps Fellows embark on a community listening tour, strategic planning process, and then become an embedded and engaged part of the community. 
  • Lead for Nebraska and AmeriCorps Fellows will work with hosts to determine where they can build capacity in the community.  
  • Identify needs, make a plan, and put it in motion.