About the Rural Impact Hub

We are a partner-driven movement serving all rural communities with our headquarters in Southeast Nebraska.

We believe citizens, corporations, and organizations should collaborate as a community to strengthen and develop our rural America.

Our vision at the Rural Impact Hub is deeply rooted in using community engagement and entrepreneurial thinking for the betterment of this area — and all rural America.

Our start stemmed from the success of BCom Solutions, when BCom’s founder Brent Comstock coordinated with community leaders to answer questions like:  “How do we keep people of all ages engaged in the community,” and “What role do YOU play in the larger rural ecosystem?”

Everything we do at the Rural Impact Hub is designed to be impact-driven. We continuously evaluate our impact on our community, region, and rural America. Every year, we evaluate and share our impact on our community and beyond.

Join us.

The Rural Impact Hub Experience

Event Space Available for All Partners

Designed in a multi-purpose format that includes event space, dedicated offices, conference room space and desk space is also available. All features/amenities are included and handled by sponsors.

Monthly Events

Centered around topics impacting rural residents (i.e. proper financial planning, housing for millennials in the community, grants for community projects, problem-solving in professional teams and boards, etc.)

Advertisement Space

Downtown in Auburn, Nebraska. This is an excellent opportunity for entities that do not have a proper channel for advertising or for those who are looking for more exposure to the busy downtown business district.

The Rural Impact Hub allows individuals and organizations from across the community to take part in developing opportunities for people of all ages who seek a stronger involvement and impact in the community.


Community Partners

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Our Mission

At the Rural Impact Hub we collaborate as a community to strengthen and develop our rural America.

Our Location

919 Central Avenue
Auburn, NE 68305

Phone: 402-414-4290

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