Lead For Nebraska Host Communities

Host a Lead for Nebraska Fellow

Our Vision

Lead for Nebraska (LFNE) will reduce the digital divide between rural and urban communities and empower Nebraska communities for growth.

LFNE is a state affiliate of the national 501c(3), Lead For America. Our flagship fellowship program recruits, trains and places our nation’s most dynamic and diverse young leaders in two-year fellowships in their home states to strengthen America’s public institutions, support our local communities and cultivate the next generation of transformational community and public service leaders. Fellows are hosted by community-based organizations such as local and tribal governments or civic-oriented nonprofits and businesses.

Why Host a Fellow? 

Benefit from the service of a highly skilled, locally rooted leader. For less than the cost of an entry-level employee, we recruit outstanding young leaders for their skillset matching your needs, for their prior connection to your town or city and for their commitment to remaining in the community after completing their fellowship. Higher-ed partners from regions across the state train our fellows through a month-long summer training institute prior to beginning their service so that they can be immediately impactful in your community. 

Join a national movement of cutting-edge communities to change the fabric of our country. As a member of the LFNE cohort, each fellow regularly collaborates with their peers and the national LFA network. Fellows share challenges and solutions from their community and have the resources to adapt innovative techniques from around the country to their locality. 

Strengthen the civic ecosystem in your community. Fellows can connect your community to resources from LFA’s network of partners to equip your institution with the best technology, send future cohorts of fellows to your area and build connections between regional universities, public institutions, nonprofits and small businesses.

How it Works.

Confirm your host capability.
Our Fellows are dynamic self-starters with a high capacity to provide value to the local hosts, but fellows’ changemaking potential is maximized when the community identifies the capacity that they can support a fellow. Host applications are due by May 10, 2021.

Recruit and select fellows.
We recruit outstanding and diverse leaders ages 21-30 who have demonstrated a dedication to a life of service and a commitment to return or remain in a community. We place a particular emphasis on reaching low-income and first-generation college students, women, POCI and military veterans. 

Training and education for fellows.
Fellows undergo four weeks of training with LFNE during their two-year term. They learn technical skills, undergo character and leadership development and focus on developing equitable and innovative solutions. Training includes graduate-level coursework from leading MPA programs across the state. Fellows receive ongoing LFA training throughout their two years and benefit from mentorship and retreats with other fellows, as well as workshops through state community development organizations. 

Service to communities. 
Fellows provide critical technical assistance to resource and talent strapped local community institutions. Find locally oriented and actionable ways to build economic and community development in rural Nebraska. Research and work to find solutions for rural broadband access in communities where it’s needed most and help those communities who have it leverage it. Create free locally specific training programs that will work to reduce the digital divide and build digital literacy in rural America.

Grow the bench of community leadership in your area.
LFA is generating an alumni force with the talent, conviction, insight and experience to effect the fundamental changes necessary to realize our vision of a strong community for everyone. Our alumni commit to spending at least two years beyond the fellowship to serving their community and will continue to work as local change agents.

What We Ask of Hosts.

Assign an internal champion/mentor. 
While we provides robust support externally, we believe it is even more essential that there is a key stakeholder, whether a director or senior government manager (city/county manager, mayor, council-member, etc), who directly mentors the fellow during the two years. 

Make an effort to retain fellows. 
We work hard to find the best homegrown leaders and bring them to you. We want to work with hosts invested in finding ways to retain these leaders in the community long-term. That could mean making a full-time offer or connecting them with private or nonprofit community partners. 

Contribute to the fellowship cost-share. 
The investment for hosting a fellow differs according to the cost of living per region. It includes a living allowance, housing, health insurance, training and education and fellowship support. 

Fellows are neither employees of the host nor LFNE, but host organizations provide a service fee to LFNE which is redistributed to the fellow through monthly scholarships, as per IRS guidelines. LFNE works with each host to develop a creative locally tailored financing strategy.